Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Despite any negative press about email, efundraising is alive and well and raising lots of $.

Unlike many newcomers into the efundraising field, Pathmaker has a respectable history in all aspects of fundraising -- traditional and online. We fully understand both worlds.
In addition to all our offline and online experiences, we also bring a recent track record of integrating the newer online technologies with traditional fundraising to achieve improved results that neither could produce on their own. Ask us about our comprehensive approach to fundraising that harmonizes your offline and online fundraising strategies.

Plus, we provide far more than general ideas! We provide specific and detailed input - and if needed, we can carry a plan through from concept to complete implementation.
We can tell you WHAT needs to be done, WHEN it needs to be done for optimum results, HOW it needs to be done - and we can back our recommendations with RESULTS.

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