Thursday, April 18, 2013

Identifying Winnable Keywords

The task of Targeting Winnable Keywords is an Eight Step Process, which includes but is not limited to:

ID Your Target Terms
Locate Variations on those terms
Acquire the CPC and Global Volume Numbers for your Terms
Look for terms under $2.50 and under 2500 in Volume.

Everyone's Blog needs are uniquely different. That's why we design and install Compendium to meet your unique needs.

Identifying Winnable Keywords is only the first of the many ways Pathmaker Marketing LLC can serve you as a Premier Blogging Service. We can help you create Dynamic Calls to Action (CTAs). These guide people to take actions you want them to take. Do you want people to subscribe to your Newsletter, register to your E-mail list, or buy your product? Dynamic CTAs are the area where so many Blogs fall short. This is where we excel! Contact us now and learn more about our Premier Blogging Service!

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