Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easy Internet Steps To Get More Visitors To Your Church

There is, without a doubt, nary a pastor or church in the country that doesn’t want to get more visitors to come to their church.  With a pure heart and a message to share, their intent is to provide for those visitors programs and services that will enhance and improve their life style.  As the 21st Century dawns it has become obvious to email marketing specialists that the Internet is a wonderful way for churches to evangelize and make themselves known to a lost world.  Randall Mains, Founder and CEO of PATH-MAKER  MARKETING LLC, one of the premier e-mail marketing professionals in the country, agrees that the following steps are an easy way to inform prospective visitors about your church and what it has to offer.

1. Launch Google Ad Words - - Target Geographically
2. Get your CHURCH found on Google by claiming your Google Place.
3. Get your members to give your positive reviews on Google Places.
4. Claim your Bing Listing
5. Claim your Yahoo Listing

As an email marketing company, PATHMAKER MARKETING, LLC knows that the above suggestions will work, if given the time to develop.  If you need a professional e-mail marketing firm to help you accomplish the above, PATHMAKER and Randall Mains stand ready to assist you.  To learn more, go to Pathmaker Marketing.

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