Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to Be Part of The e-Book Phenomenon

The world is expanding technologically speaking, and that’s why we would like to discuss the “latest and greatest” trends of the day, of which one of those is the booming eBook Phenomenon.

It goes without saying that before you can “post” and market an eBook you must first have a book. If you have a completed manuscript, either fiction or non-fiction, you can relatively easily take the next step and convert it to an eBook.

Your first step is to get your book into a digital format. If you wrote your book on your computer as a Word.doc you have already accomplished this project. However, if your manuscript was completed a number of years ago and you have only a “hard” copy you have two choices: you can either scan your manuscript and convert it to digital that way, or you can simply have someone re-type your manuscript and save it as a Word.doc.

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