Friday, February 1, 2013

What You Need to Know about Web Design

When it comes to Website Design there are several basic "Musts" that need to be kept in mind - the Do's and Don'ts, if you would, of Website Design. Here are a few points you will want to consider:

Design - it isn't about you: You need to ensure that your site caters to what your Visitors like, not you. With that thought in mind, there are numerous things to avoid, and the Designers at Pathmaker Marketing LLC not only know what these are, but how to stay away from them.

Ease of Use - make it easy to find your content: Visitors need to be able to easily see what you have to offer and to be able to readily get to it. Our Designers will equip your site so that visitors can easily navigate around it.

Copywriting: Too little and your Visitor leaves uninformed; too much and they leave bored. Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designerswill direct you as to how much is perfect and, if you so desire, our Copywriting Staff can even prepare the text for you.

Interactivity: One of the cutting edge aspects of Website Design is providing the capability of "involving" your visitors. From Games to Gathering Information, our Designers are adept at creating opportunities for "Visitor Participation" with your site.

Technology - use it to facilitate meaningful conversation: By using State of the Art Technology our Designers can actually determine your visitor's likes and interests by the way they browse your site, thus allowing you to "cut to the chase" when you do follow up contacts.

Content - make it useful: Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers are trained to design Websites so that they address visitor's potential problems and provide resolutions.

It would seem that the above is all you need to know about Designing the Perfect Website. The reality is we have just barely scratched the surface! The Pathmaker Marketing LLC Designers work closely with our Search Engine Optimization Team to ensure that your site is, in fact, "optimized". The key here, of course, is Targeting Keywords.

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