Saturday, January 19, 2013


Perhaps one of the most important, and over-looked aspect of an individual’s job is to protect their persona - especially if they are the "face” of their Business or Ministry. If even one disgruntled or vindictive individual were to post a disparaging comment, it could forever be seared into the pages of the World Wide Web. While the comment may not be able to be removed, it can be "buried” by a preponderance of positive comments, and that’s why Pathmaker Marketing LLC ffers our Executive Brand Management Program. By ensuring that your Website, Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter Account are all teeming with content extolling you, we help to protect your Internet Image. A wonderful side-benefit is the fact that due to the increased content, your rankings on the various Search Engines will be greatly improved.
To learn more about how you can benefit from our Executive Brand Management, visit us HERE. You will be pleased with the information you glean regarding the program, and thrilled with how much control you can have over what the Internet says about you!

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