Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let Pathmaker Marketing Help Make Your Website A Success in A Flash!

In a day and age when the whole world seeks Entertainment in all they do, we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you ensure that your Website is as Entertaining as it is Informative. And, we make sure that the Entertainment is far more than forEntertainment alone! By using the ubiquitous FLASH program, we allow visitors to your Website to actually become involved inyour site, making it virtually Interactive in nature!
As you undoubtedly know, FLASH is the computer program that provides Dynamic Motion and historically has been included on 99% of all PCs. Developed to help eliminate a totally "static” situation on your Website, it uses either Java Scripting or Videos to enhance your Website. FLASH gives a site great motion, as is demonstrated by a site we recently developed:www.tenboom.com.
It stands to reason that something that is done professionally is more appealing and effective than something accomplished by amateurs. We can assure you that there are no more talented and experienced professionals in the realm of FLASH than those at Pathmaker Marketing LLC. With a keen eye to the aesthetics of FLASH, we are more tuned into the functionality andeffectiveness of your Website than simply how good it looks!
Aware of the shortcomings of FLASH, we make sure that your Website possesses the supplemental elements that allows for those shortcomings to be compensated for. While Search Engines cannot "SpiderFlash, probing the site for Search Engine Optimization, we design your site so that it is not all FLASH—thus allowing the majority of your site to be Search Engine Optimized.
More than just your Website, we would suggest that you incorporate FLASH into your Blogsite as well. To help you see just how advantageous and effective this can be, we have provided you with a number of sites to visit and explore.

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