Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Grow Your Facebook Page from 0 to 5000 Fans

If your Facebook Profile is your personal account that you share with family and friends, then there might not be a need to increase your fan counts. In fact, it might be better to limit it to just a few that you can truly call friends. Not so with your Facebook Page, which is designed to be a public Company, Product or Brand Page that you use for internet business marketing and promotion, or even online fund raising for charities. In the case of your Page, you'll want to grow your fans to as many as you possibly can. If you are starting at zero, here's how how you can grow your business’s Facebook page from 0 to 5000 fans:

1. Post content that is engaging and relevant to people

In order to win the attention of people, you must establish the fact that your company, product, ministry or service is relevant to their lives. Use Facebook Posts to do this. Post about a problem that your product or service effectively resolves. Post helpful video discussions. Post inspirational content. Post relevant content. Post discounts, coupons and sales offers. Before you know it, fans will start liking your Page. You see, people are constantly looking for solutions to their problems and if you can demonstrate to them through good content that you have what they are looking for, you will win their loyalty. Of course, you have to have integrity here - find good content you can post about that is releveant to your business or ministry. Unlike your Profile, where you might discuss ANY subject, your Page is better when it stays focused around the topics that relate to your company.

2. Post content consistently and backlink when appropriate

While social media gurus have differing opinions about the freuqncy and quantity of Facebook posts, when you are starting out post once per day. Why? You don't have many readers yet, so more is overkill at the beginning, but you also need to establish a good content posting habit, so once a day gets you into a routine of posting. Plus it shows your Page to be actively producing content of value. As people notice that content and like your page, your fans will grow and get engaged with you, and then more of your content will go viral throughout the Facebook channel, to be noticed by prospective new fans. In regard to backlinking, you don't have to outlink from all your posts, but make sure you do link to your company website or blog for those posts require further reading, some kind of download, or a purchase decision.

The Key in these two ideas above and the following four below is to develop a regular content posting schedule for your Company Page, which when consistently applied, will lead to steady growth of fans to your page.

3. Add pictures and/or How to videos

Psychology has proven it that we respond better to videos and pictures rather than just pure text. That is exactly the reason why computers developed the so called graphical user interface because of this basic psychology that we have. You capitalize on this by adding illustrative pictures and/or How to videos to your Page. You can post these or use various Apps to sync up your YouTube account with your Facebook page. Good Videos can also be added to your church blog, ministry blog or business website as well as Facebook and will engage your fans further as you provide helpful content that addresses problems they face, and thus develops loyalty within your fan base.

4. Ask relevant questions of your fans

Engage your existing fans by asking them relevant questions. Ask them how your product has impacted their lives, what problems were you able to solve with the services that you offer and similar things. This will give them the idea that you are not only interested in pushing out content, but also in accepting content / ideas / suggestions / recommendations from your clients, customers and fans. Plus you get real time feedback that can help you run your business better.

5. Invite people to answer surveys and ask their opinions

It’s not enough to ask them questions, engage them further by inviting them on a survey. This will engage them further and you will also get feedbacks regarding what you need to improve regarding your product or service. Along with the survey, you also include a portion that they can put their opinions too. This will give them the idea that you value their input.

6. Give rewards

There are hotdog companies that give out discounts if you will “like” their business page on Facebook. You can think of similar strategies to that are applicable to your fundraising company and get the same impact.

What you are trying to do is win the loyalty of people. If you have that, you can expect that the number of you fans will grow and so as your revenue. These are some of the things that you can do to increase your business’s Facebook page fans from 0 to 5000. None of these are stressful because you can just do this after or before you do your personal Facebook page. This is one of those daily leisurely activities that you can do that promises good returns for your online business.

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