Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Executive Branding

Have you GOOGLED yourself lately? My good friend Floyd Allen did and found out he was a convicted killer in Virginia and the Project Manager for the Detroit Medical Center for Legal Activities. In reality he’s neither - - he’s an author in Phoenix, Arizona! Yet, if someone GOOGLES him that is what they will learn. The question is, what will people find out if they GOOGLE you?
While the results can be mildly amusing, as it was for Floyd to discover he was a convicted killer, the humor immediately evaporates when your name is the very basis for the success of your Business or Ministry. Whether you have a common name, or simply one that is the same as someone with less than a stellar reputation, people who may be contemplating doing business with you or supporting your ministry may think twice about it if they GOOGLE you and learn unsavory facts about you - - even if it’s notyou they are actually reading about.
Fortunately, PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC can help you alleviate this problem through Executive Brand Management Online. As alluded to earlier, this is a vital service for anyone whose status directly affects the status of their Business or Ministry. If you are the spokesperson/persona of your livelihood, you want to make sure that when someone runs a GOOGLE SEARCH that they find the real you!
Currently you are in one of three situations: You already have a problem with negative content Online; you are in a "neutral” position, with no content at all and therefore are vulnerable to negativecontent being posted, or you have control over your Personal Brand and have established content that presents a Positive Profile. Either of the first two can put you in a precarious situation, and, as a result, you need to take a proactive role to protect your Branding on the Internet. And, that is exactly whatPATHMAKER MARKETING LLC can accomplish for you!
Learn more about executive branding. Visit us today and we are more than happy to help. Click HERE.  

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