Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bottom Line to Successful Email Fundraising & Marketing

An excellent way to communicate, email has become so efficient that it has the U.S. Postal Service trembling in its boots!  But seriously, if you're still doing direct mail only, you need to add email marketing to your mix of online fund raising tools. And to get the most out of your email fundraising or email marketing program you need to implement the following four strategic steps to success:

1)    Build Your Email House File
2)    Test, Test, Test
3)    Evaluate Your “Core Metrics”
a.    Opens
b.    Clicks
c.    Conversions
4)   Fuss Around to Optimize 

Email marketing is a proven and effective way to enhance your ephilanthropy, so use these four principles to accelerate your email marketing efforts, and call Pathmaker Marketing in Phoenix  at 623-322-3334 if we can be of any assistance to you. Or read further about this topic on our blog about email fundraising.

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