Sunday, August 7, 2011

Your Website At Its Best

Have you ever seen a twenty-year old house that no one has done anything to after it was completed? Once eye-catching, brightly paintedwith all the trimmings, it now appears drab and is most forgettable. The roofsags slightly and the windows appear like droopy eyelids, making you wonderif the owner really hasn't noticed what is happening, or just doesn't care.

If not careful, this is what can happen to your Website, and those who view it wonder the same thing - don't you notice what is happening, or do you just not care? Understanding the importance of having a Website that is in tip-top shape, Pathmaker Marketing LLC is pleased and proud to offer our extraordinary Website Maintenance Service.

We are not talking about Web Development, though we do have extremely qualified designers who can build you an "Award Winning Quality Website" should that be your need or desire.

Rather than "builders," here we're talking about a "maintenance crew" dedicated to keeping your Website fresh, new, excitingand unforgettable.

The importance of a Website Maintenance Service can best be appreciated if you liken your Website to a classroom bulletin board. Do you remember how exited you were when you went to school on a Monday morning and noticed that the teacher had put up a fresh bulletin board over the weekend? You were thrilled by the new colors, the new concept, the new message that the bulletin board reflected. That's the way a "regular visitor" to your Website will feel after our staff works its magic on your behalf.

As you may have noted, there are several elements involved in maintaining a bulleting board, and the same is true with your Website. The first is the "copy," or text. There are several ways we can "adjust" the copy for you - changing BOLD and Italicizedwords, so that different parts of your message are emphasized is one way. Or, through the efforts of our Copywriting Staff we can actually change the copy, providing a new message on a regular basis, thus enticing people to come back time and time again to see exactly what your are offering or have to say.

One of the more important aspects of a Website is the graphics - art and photos. This, of course, is the most important part of thevisual aspect of your Site. Uniqueness of Design and Quality of Subject Matter will both contribute to maintaining your Site so that visitors will want to come back and will not be disappointed when they do.

Another aspect of Site Maintenance may very well be the addition of new pages. This will allow you to expound in greater detail on products or services that you offer. Typically, this is especially beneficial if your business is at all "seasonal oriented." Or, you may just want to offer a "monthly special," and will benefit from a new page that is dedicated to that in itself.

You may be thinking, "Well, I can do all that." The thing is, what we are talking about are tasks that, though extremely important, are both menial and tedious to perform/accomplish. Your time, undoubtedly, can be better spent building your business, allowing us to maintain your Website. Unless Website Maintenance is your forte, your Return on Investment by retaining us will be far greater than your Return on Investment if you take your time to accomplish the same goals.

A reasonable question is, "How often should my Website be attended to?" The answer, of course, is dependent on what you hope to accomplish with your Site. For example, if you are affiliated with a church you may want to put Sermons/Text online weekly. If you would like to be on the very cutting edge of technology we can even stream live video to your Website on a regular basis.

Theoretically, you may want us to maintain your Site daily. If your business is especially Information Sensitive, you may want us to post articles daily. This would allow your clients to be current on the Market - whatever that Market may be - at all times. Again, you will be better served spending your time with your clients rather than your Website.

Keep in mind that the way you measure the effectiveness of your Website is by determining Conversion Rate - the percentage of those who visit your Website compared to how many respond in the manner you had hoped they would. This response typically mandates that they complete a form where you obtain pertinent information about them. Part of our Website Maintenance Service includes implementing technology that will not only allow that information to be immediately transferred to you Database, but can even send out an E-mail Response as well.

We have created two different packages to meet your Website Maintenance needs. The Standard Package is a Five Hour Block at $65.00 per hour for a total of $325.00. If it has been a while since your Website has been overhauled, this is the least you should plan on doing to bring it back up to par. Our Elite Package is a Monthly Plan consisting of Ten Hours of Maintenance at a discounted rate of $50.00 per hour for a total of $500.00 per month. This is offered on a Retainer Basis, with the lower hourly rate being based on your extended commitment to ensure the quality of your Website!

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